Kickin' It Into Overdrive!

Digital Media is new and exciting! Audiobooks & eBooks at your fingertips!

  • eBooks are electronic copies of books that can be read on a Computer or Mobile device!
  • Audiobooks are exactly like they sound... sound files which allows you to listen to your favourite books!
  • Audiobooks are offered in multiple formats including .wma and MP3 format giving you the option to listen to books in Windows, Mac or even through your iPod!
  • Both of these types of media are available through a product called Overdrive offered through Marigold Member Libraries!

To access this fantastic content, simply click the link and use the sidebar to view the available titles.


But... how does it work?! Well, there's a few steps:
** A very nice and visual step-by-step walkthrough can be found at the link above on the sidebar at the left labeled "MyHelp! Beta" and saves you time instead of reading the rest of the Blog! **

  1. Download the FREE software you need depending on which type of Digital Media you'd like to access and which operating system you use. The Overdrive site has links along the left side to help you get started! For eBooks you'll need a copy of Adobe Digital Editions (Note: This isn't the Adobe Acrobat program and can be found FREE!) For Audiobooks you'll need a copy of the Overdrive Media Console, which is also FREE. Choose what system or device you'd like to download it for along the right-hand side of the page and remember to select "Tools" then "Windows Media Player Security Update..." if you download it for Windows!
  2. Now that you've got your software, it's time to find some Digital Media! Select a title or browse through the sections on the Overdrive site. Once you've found something interesting, select it and hit the option to "Add to eBookbag" or "Place on eRequest". You can also place a Hold on some of these items for access at your earliest convenience once the Media is returned. (You will be notified via email.)
  3. Once you've gathered all the titles you like (Note: Maximum of 5) Proceed to Checkout. Enter your Library Card Number and Pin. (Note: If you have any outstanding issues with your Library card being expired, having overdue materials or fines, you won't be able to download!)
  4. Confirm Checkout and Download the File! (Tip: You can download the files in parts and doing this ensures if you have a slow or unstable connection the file downloads won't take as long AND once a file is complete you can begin downloading the next part and when part 1 finishes the next part will resume seamlessly! Also, there is no way to resume broken downloads and so you have to delete partial files and start again.)
  5. Now find the file on your computer (likely in "My Documents" under "My Media" or "My Digital Editions") and open it OR if the Overdrive Media Console or Adobe Digital Editions is still open you can simply click on the title. The first time you open a file through Overdrive it may ask you to upgrade your security files which is always a good idea!
  6. Your borrowed files will be playable throughout their loan period an unlimited number of times but once the loan period has passed the Digitial Media will automatically Check-In and render the downloaded files useless. Take this opportunity to delete the expired files and keep your computer nice and clean! (Note: You can't return some of the Digital Media early even if you finish it early. It remains checked out for the full loan period of 7 or 14 day (chosen by you on Checkout) and will count against your 5 item maximum until it expires and automatically checks back in. This isn't the case for all the Media but is it something to keep in mind!)

This new technology allows multiple ways to keep up your reading on trips and through various devices without having the worry of forgetting to return your books on time! Keep up-to-date with new releases and read or listen to books on-the-go! The world is at your fingertips...

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