Assistive Technology

The Library is excited to offer assistive technology devices for those confronting issues using conventional technology.

Whether low vision is an issue or books are difficult to hold, the Library has many various way to help bring the joy of reading to everyone! Some of our accessibility options include:

  • A great computer set up with some fabulous programs for any situation!
  • A very fancy and speedy Scanner for quick scanning!
  • Both a LARGE TYPE keyboard and regular USB keyboard for ease of use. Our LARGE TYPE keyboard also only enters 1 keystroke for each depression no matter how long you press the key!
  • A Joystick!!!!! that acts as a mouse for ease of movement and contains buttons that adjust scrolling speed and do clicks/double clicks with one push! On top of this there's a USB Mouse for those users that prefer that. We also have some big red buttons that act just like the right and left mouse buttons and well... they're just fun, it's like playing whack-a-mole!
  • A printer connected directly to our accessibility station so you don't even have to get up to get your printed items!
  • A Merlin Magnifier (located near the front window of the Library) that allows for quick and easy magnification of any printed materials along with adjustable brightness, size and colour controls!

On top of all this hardware we have a multitude of software to really bring accessibility to you!

  • Our ABBYY Finereader! This easily scans and enlarges text for ease of reading. It's very easy to use and powerful!
  • JAWS!! Not the scary shark from the movies but a program that instead talks to you on the computer! Almost as scary as the shark but it allows access for reading through text and boxes and options that pop up. On top of this, you can highlight any word and it will read it out to you! A headset might not be a bad idea to bring with you so you can crank the volume up on this one!
  • Read & Write 8.1 Gold! It's gotta be good if it's gold! This program assists in writing and hearing what you've written. After each word it will read them back to you and at the end of each sentence it reads back the entire thing! On top of this it has spell Check, Predictions, Dictionary, and many more options!
  • Readiris, a wonderful image manipulation program that works with Hewlitt-Packard Products.
  • MAGic! This truly is magic, a fantastic magnification program. You can adjust screen size, icons, and visibility. On top of this you can choose a magnifying glass option that allows you to pan over pages anywhere on the computer and magnify only your selection! A large blue button allows magnification/de-magnification!
  • Openbook 7.0 scans pages and displays them face up.
  • Connect Outloud 2.0! Kind of like JAWS only... not as scary! Lots of customizable options but a little more complicated.

"If we don't already have a way to bring reading to you...
we'll find one!"

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