Renew my items?

How Do I Renew my Items?

Renewals are now easier than ever!

Most Library materials can be renewed unless:

  • There is a request on the item
  • The maximum renewal limit on the item has been reached (2)
  • There is an outstanding balance on your account
  • Your library card has expired

There are 4 ways to renew your Library items:

1) You can access the Library catalogue from your home or office computer through this website or by using

  • Click on My Account and
  • Login using your Library card number and pin (usually the last 4 digits of your phone number).
  • Select the Items Out/Renew button.
  • Renew items.

2) Call the Library (403) 823-1371 to renew items.

  • Please have your Library card in front of you.

3) Take the items you wish to renew and your card to the check-out counter at the Library.

4) At the library, go to any Library Catalogue computer, and proceed as per step 1.

Please Note: If your items are successfully renewed, the regular check out period (usually 7 or 21 days) will be added to your loan from the day you request the renewal. For example, if your book is due on November 14th, but you renew it early, on November 7th, your new due date will be November 28 (November 7 plus 21 days).

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