A.1 Resource Sharing

The Drumheller Public Library participates in resource sharing networks as outlined in the Province of Alberta’s Resource Sharing Agreement.  We will not charge a fee for loaning items within TRAC (The Regional Automation Consortium) or to other libraries within Alberta.


1. Resource sharing is done according to protocols established by the Marigold Library System.

2. Loans to outside agencies and loans of rare materials will be at the discretion of the Director of Library Services.

Revision approved 10 January 2017.

A.2 Intellectual Freedom

The Drumheller Public Library Board is committed to Intellectual Freedom and supports the Statement on Intellectual Freedom and Libraries endorsed by Canadian Federation of Library Associations (formerly Canadian Library Association). The most recent edition of the Statement can be found at http://cfla-fcab.ca/en/guidelines-and-position-papers/statement-on-intellectual-freedom-and-libraries/.

Revision approved 10 January 2017.

A.3 Handling of Complaints

Complaints regarding library service or the library’s collection are handled respectfully and discreetly by Library Representatives during each step of resolution. At all times the principles of Intellectual Freedom are upheld.


1. A complaint is initially addressed verbally with the Library Representative consulted by the complainant. If requested, the Director of Library Services is consulted for assistance with resolution. The Board is then consulted, if requested by the complainant.

2. Any violence and harassment incidents will be handled under Policy C.9 Prevention of Workplace Discrimination, Harassment, and Violence.

Revision approved 10 January 2024.

A.4 Confidentiality

It is the policy of the Board that the confidentiality of patrons and their membership records shall be respected and ensured; a patron’s library records shall be kept confidential.


1. All qualified Library staff shall have access to membership records.

2. The Director of Library Services and Library staff and volunteers shall, at the time of orientation, be required to sign as a condition of their employment/volunteer position that they will abide by the policy that the Drumheller Public Library has in place regarding the confidentiality of user records and the reading habits of patrons.

3. Legal access to records may be obtained by agents of the local, provincial, or federal governments, including law enforcement officers, providing they have a subpoena, process, or order pursuant to law, and only the Director of Library Services and/or the Assistant Director of Library Services may release such information.  The Board Chair or another executive member of the Board shall be advised if such a circumstance arises.

Revision approved 9 October 2018.

B.1 Appointment of Library Trustees

B.2 Powers & Duties of the Board

B.3 Board Orientation

B.4 Continuing Education of Trustees

B.5 Board Committees

B.6 Financial Policy & Procedure

B.7 Service Recognition

B.8 Code of Ethics for Library Trustees

C.1 Continuing Education of Library Staff

C.2 Sick Leave

C.3 Employee Leaves

C.4 Working Conditions

C.5 Annual Leave

C.6 Designated Paid Holidays

C.7 Occupational Health & Safety

C.8 Volunteers

C.9 Prevention of Workplace Discrimination, Harassment, & Violence

C.10 Working Alone

C.11 Pandemic

D.1 Use of Space

D.2 Emergency Procedures

E.1 Materials Lending

E.2 Materials Selection

F.1 Inter-Library Loans

F.2 Special Services

F.3 Access to Library Services

F.4 Public Access Computers and Internet Services

F.5 Waiver of Fines

G.1 Records Management

G.2 Donations

G.3 Safe Child Policy

G.4 Social Media

G.5 Public Code of Conduct